Fernando Julio Ponte Hernando

Category: Doctor
Birth Date: 8th september 1959
Birth Place: Logroño
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After taking his degree in Medicine and Surgery in Santiago and attending postgraduate courses, he started his professional career as the Army medical office at the Naval Academy in Marín. He is medical captain of Military Health and holds the permanent distinction of military Professor.

He graduated in Hospital Management at the EADA (High Management School) in Barcelona and Business Management at the University of Navarra. He was managing director of Conxo Psychiatric Hospital, San Juan de Dios Centre in Ciempozuelos and Virgen de Altagracia Hospital in Manzanares (Ciudad Real). He was also dean of Health Sciences at Alfonso X el Sabio University (Madrid). He is a specialist in family medicine and paediatrician. He is also an expert in Probability and Statistics (UNED) and graduate in Health.

He is a Professor in Medicine and Surgery (1992, USC) and Science History (2011, UDC) and gave doctorate courses at the University of Vigo.

 Work & Activities

Nowadays he combines his activity as a paediatrician with the publication of books and other works as well as the direction of doctoral theses in Medicine and Science History. He has published a lot of articles: “Roberto Nóvoa Santos, precursor del tratamiento de la diabetes con incretinas”, Ed. Novonordisk (2010); “Dr. Ángel Baltar Cortés: Maestro de Cirujanos”, Ediciones Inéditor (2011), “La Fuente de los Templarios: acerca de un manuscrito inédito del Prof. Gil Casares” (Eds. USC - Asoc. Balnearios de Galicia 2012), “Roberto Nóvoa Santos: las primeras páginas”, Ed. Auga - USC (2011) and “La Locura y el Bisturí: I Centenario de D. Timoteo Sánchez Freire” (Seminar M. Comp. - USC)



He is a member of the Agency for Quality Assurance in the Galician University System, coeditor of ‘Cuadernos de Historia de la Pediatría Española’, member of the Humanities Committee of ‘El Médico’ and usual collaborator of ‘Cadernos de Atención Primaria’ and El Correo Gallego.

He is a member of the Spanish Society of Medicine History, the Spanish Association of medical Writers and Artists (ASEMEYA) and the Spanish Association of Military Writers (AEME), among others.

 Other Interesting Aspects


He was awarded Rodríguez Abaytúa Prize in 2008 (National Academy of Medicine) and Hernández Morejón Prize in 2011 (Spanish Society of Medicine History) to the best doctoral thesis of the year in Spain.