Domingo Docampo

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He took a doctor’s degree in Mathematics at the University of Santiago (1984) and since 1992 he has been a Professor of the Department of Signal Theory and Communications (University of Vigo). In May 1998 he was elected vice-chancellor of the University of Vigo and re-elected again in May 2002. He was a visiting Professor in the EECE Department of the University of Nuevo Mexico (Alburquerque - USA) in 1990 and 1995. He was the president of FEUGA (Fundación Empresa-Universidad de Galicia) from June 1998 up to December 2004. He was nominated as honourable member of the Galician Association of Telecommunication Engineers in 1998. He is the president of the Subcommittee of Technical Education of the Council of University Coordination and was a member of the CRUE (Vice chancellor Conference of the Spanish Universities) and president of the R&D sectorial commission. He is the president of the European Grouping of the CRUE.


 Work & Activities

He wrote articles sand reports about the information society and knowledge that have been published in books, proceedings and magazines. He analyses the TIC technologic and impact aspects in society.


 Other Interesting Aspects

He is the author of ‘Tecnoloxías das Comunicacións: unha visión desde Galicia’, Xerais. The book was awarded Losada Diéguez Prize in 2003.