Alba Mesa Vilanova

Category: Actress and singer
Birth Date: 20th October 1986
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2008-2009: First level at the International Studio of Juan Carlos Corazza (Madrid).
2005: Intensive course on technique (Begoña Valle) and performance (Mar Díez). William Layton Performance Lab (Madrid).100 horas.
2004-2006: Espacio Aberto Theatre and Dance School (Santiago de Compostela). Director: Carlos Neira.
2004: Commedia dell´Arte Workshop. 30 hours. Professor: Alfonso Rodríguez Rivera.
2004: ‘8 días Teatro’, workshop on performance. Professors: Lola Fernández, Aarón Navia and Alberte Cabarcos. 60 hours.
2003: Course on body language. 20 hours. Professor: Pablo Rodríguez.

2008: Canto with Robert Jeantal.
2002-2005: Modern Canto with Carmen Rey in A Coruña.
Piano (1999-2001) and canto (1996-2002), AULOS Music School (Lugo).
1992-2001: Musical Language.
1992-2000: Guitar with Concepción Plantón.

2008: Degree in Journalism at the University of Santiago de Compostela.

 Work & Activities

2008-2009: Main character for two seasons (26 chapters) in “Os Atlánticos” (Filmanova-TVG), nominated to the best series at Mestre Mateo Prizes (2009).
2007: Spot “Cambados Zona Centro”. Antena 3 and Tele Salnés.
“Veo Veo 2002”. She presented the semifinal and final of the contest with Teresa Rabal (TVG).
As a singer she carried out performances on TVE, TVL, Localia, TVG (“Téqueleshow”, “Tardes con Ana”, “¡Que boa tarde!”, “Luar” –she sang with Rocío Jurado on an occasion-, “Megaéxito”, “Galas de Verán” and “Noites de Verán” (Prodher), Christmas Eve Show (Prodher), “O son da muralla” (Xacobeo 2004), “Concertos das estrelas” (Xacobeo 2004), “Encontros” (2004), “Super Martes” (CTV)…), Tele 5, Tele Gijón, Tele Oviedo and TeleAsturias.
1997-up to date: she sings ‘saetas’ at Easter in Lugo, Viveiro, San Martiño de Mondoñedo de Foz and Betanzos.
2003: Finalist at “Festival Internacional de Voces do Camiño de Santiago”.
2002: Finalist at “Éxito” (TVG).
2002: “I Certamen de la canción” (Xunta de Galicia), she was selected among the five best feminine voices.
“Festival da canción de Ordes 2002”. Winner of the child category.
“Veo Veo 01” (Galicia). Winner of the canto category.
“Menudas Estrellas 2000” (Antena 3).
“Supernova 2000” (TVL). Winner.
“Veo Veo Xacobeo 99”. Winner of the canto category.
“Téquele Téquee 98” (TVG). Winner: “Voz infantil gallega de 1998”.

2009: Main character of “Frikis”, a short by José Carlos Gómez.
2006: Supporting actress in “Herexes: O libro máxico” (TV-movie documentary. Director: José de Cora. Lugopress).

Theatre and musical:
2004: Main character in “Sesfebú”, a musical first performed at Jovellanos Theatre (Gijón) and outstanding performances at Valdés Theatre (Avilés), Campoamor Theatre (Oviedo) and in Mercartes, International Scenic Arts Fair, celebrated in FIBES ‘Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos’ (Seville).
2004: “8 días” Theatre Show (Lugo).
2003: Supporting actress in “Los fijiis, una historia muy, muy real” (with Oh Wa-shi-ta Theatre Company), a musical first performed in the Auditorium of Lalín (Pontevedra).

2004: “Sesfebú, El Musical”.

2009: Instructor at Gaztambide Gym (Madrid).
2007: Aerobic instructor.
2007: Bodycombat and bodystep instructor at Fitness Gym (Santiago de Compostela).
2007-2008: Bodystep, step, cyclo, bodycombat, bodypump and physical conditioning instructor at Factory Gym (Santiago de Compostela).
2007: Officially approved gymnast by the Galician Gymnastics Federation.

2009: photographs at DNG Magazine.
2009: “Divas” for Fuxyz Magazine.
2008-2009: Hostess for Crea Consulting Corporation.
2008-2009: Shoots with Sue Rainblow.
2008: Shoot with Cambacán.
2007: Shoot with Portela.
2006: Model in Lindas.
2005: Body-painting model.
2005-2006: Image hostess.

 Other Interesting Aspects

2008: Member of the panel in the casting for Miss and Mister ‘As Termas’ and teacher of the body language module in the training courses.
2006: Presenter of the opening speech for the festivities of Cedeira.
2006: Presenter of the ‘IX Festa do Deporte Cedeirés’.
2005: Telemarketing phone operator.
2004-2006: Private teacher of modern canto.
Languages: Spanish (native language), English (second language), Galician (native language) and Catalonian (third language).