Adela Clorinda Figueroa Panisse

Pseudonym: Curra
Category: Biologist
Birth Date: 6th November 1948
Birth Place: Lugo
Telephone: 982 255443
Correo electrónico: 
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She took a degree in Biology at the University of Santiago de Compostela in 1971. From 1971 and 1996, she worked in Pontevedra and since then, she has been working at Lucus Augusti Secondary School in Lugo. She is a member of the cultural association 'O Galo' (Santiago) and the association ADEGA and is committed with the group 'Nunca Máis'. Besides, she was one of the founders of the magazine ‘O Ensino’.

 Work & Activities

She collaborates in the magazines ‘Cerna’ and 'Enciga' and the newspapers El Progreso, La Voz de Galicia,, Vieiros and A Nosa Terra. She also collaborated in textbooks for Biology and Geology of first, second, third and fourth year of Secondary Education and wrote Loita contra o lume (Consellería de Agricultura) and Vento de Amor ao mar (poetry, Do Castro Publications).

 Other Interesting Aspects

Since the year 2000, she has been organising the 'Encontro de Estudantes Galaico-Portugueses acerca de Río Miño e a nova cultura da auga', based on different projects of pedagogical innovation.