Eloy Vázquez

Category: Medieval musician

He has been linked to music since he was eight. He studied at the Music Conservatory of A Coruña and formed part of Albéniz Group (A Coruña), O Eco Polyphonic Choral Society and worked as conductor of a choir for three years.

 Work & Activities

He made two records, the first one in 1978 with Novola-Zafino Studios in Madrid, with Xosé Quintas Canella, consisting of 12 medieval songs. He was in charge of the musical arrangements and ten instruments and also contributed with songs of his own. The second record was recorded with Albéniz Group at Estudios Cítola in A Coruña in December 1982. This record has both classic and Galician music.

He keeps on researching on medieval music, making versions of medieval songs like Cantigas de Santa María by Afonso X O Sabio and composing his own songs with instruments like zither, hammered dulcimer, hurdy gurdy, lute, flute, mandolin, clef and percussion, using multitrack recording.

Since the beginning of 2013, he has been presenting a programme about folk music in Radio Oleiros.