Armando González González

Category: Sportsman
Birth Date: 8th August 1931
Birth Place: Vigo (Pontevedra)

In 1956, he was runner-up Seville (2-men yawls with steersmen) and champion at the first Galician-Portuguese competition (4-men yawls with steersman). In 1957, he was champion at the first Galician-Portuguese boat-race (4-men outrigger with steersman). In 1959, he was Spanish runner-up (4-men outrigger with steersman). In 1960, he was Spanish champion (4-men outrigger with steersman). He also took part in the Olympic Games in Rome (4-men outrigger with steersman). In 1967, he became a business agent (collegian number 2060).

 Other Interesting Aspects

He carried the olympic torch in the section Ourense-Ponferrada (Alto de Couso). He founded and became the treasurer of the Sports Association of Galician Olympic Sportsmen.