Sabela Bernárdez Iñarrea

Category: Writer
Birth Date: 23rd April 1977
Birth Place: Vigo (Pontevedra)

Sabela Bernárdez is a professional of communication, who focussed her first steps to journalism and started her labour experience in Faro de Vigo and shortly after in Atlántico Diario and Revista Eco. Besides, her interest in literature led her to take part in cultural magazines and writing (“A Virtude e Outras Miserias”, Cardeñoso Publications). This work was illustrated by Mingos.

 Work & Activities

The sea of Vigo, the windows and the nostalgia are some of the themes present throughout her work (“A Virtude e Outras Miserias”). The work consists of poems and an interesting series of poetic prose that gave cause for a reflection about the conception of new poetry.
Carlos Méixome, director of the “Instituto de Estudios Miñoranos (IEM)”, who presented her poetry book, emphasized that the author is “a restrained woman, careful with appearances, a bit reserved”; however, as poetess she contrasts with her style of “ground-breaking woman”, transgressor that mixtures verse and prose “with antagonic texts”.
For Méixome “the strong language with which she treats the sex theme” is surprising at the same time “she is lovingly careful with the words when she speaks about love”.

 Other Interesting Aspects

She has collaborated in several Galician magazines and means. She also gives seminars and courses on communication and marketing and takes part in poetry reading such as “Barco de la Memoria” in summer 2006 in Baiona.
Bernárdez Iñarrea writes a blog a day about communication and culture: